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Palm Coast’s Industry Leader in Window Tinting

Commercial, Residential, Auto

Seeking Window Tint Palm Coast?

Looking for Window Tinting Palm Coast? You’ve found Flagler Tint!

When it comes to automotive, residential & commercial window tinting in Palm Coast, Flagler Beach & Ormond beach you now truly have a choice!

Flagler Tint is your premier automotive, residential and commercial window film expert. With over 54 years combined install experience and several industry accolades, Flagler Tint has the experience, the backing and the knowledge to take care of your car and flat glass tint needs.

As Flagler Tint continues to grow our business locally, rest assured that when it comes to your window tint needs, relationship is everything! With a “whatever it takes” mentality and a client first focus, Flagler Tint is here to provide.

We offer lifetime warranties on our automotive & residential films, 15 years on commercial with a guaranteed focus on continued client satisfaction.

Window film is truly a “get what you pay for” product.  Don’t settle for cheap window tints that only darken your window, but limit the protection from the sun.  Nor should you settle for films with poor adhesives which are guaranteed to peel, blister and bubble only months after installed!

There is a difference! Insist on the best protection for your vehicle.

% of UV Ray Blockage
% of Solar Heat Rejection
% of Fade Reduction

Diamond Standard

When considering window tinting near me, Do your homework! From the installer and their experience, to the brand of film used, it’s capacity, warranty and coverage, there is absolutely a difference.

Flagler Tint, LLC is an exclusive Autobahn & Huper Optik film provider, backed by their lifetime warranty, and excellent customer retention!

Customer Care

Customer Care… A service all too forgotten anymore. Rest assured that Flagler Tint’s growth and success are based not only the quality of our installs and premium choice in window films, but also a steadfast dedication to customer care before and after the install.

“Whatever it takes.”

Double Check

Know the film being installed on your property. Know the installer and their background. Are they a certified installer with the brand of film they are using? Will their “warranty” be there when you need it? Will THEY be there when you need them?

Flagler Tint, LLC strives to go beyond the “install and move on mentality,” to a continued relationship with each of our clients. We believe in nurturing those relationships for years to come!

Our Services

Flagler Tint, LLC specializes in residential, automotive and commercial window tinting in Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, St. Augustine and the surrounding areas. Whether for your car, home, church or industrial, Flagler Tint, LLC has the means to take care of your window film needs.

Residential Window Tinting

Sunlight is essential to survival, but there is a downside! Excessive heat, energy loss, glare and furnishing fading are all items we battle with unprotected windows. What if you could reduce or eliminate these effects while maintaining the warm glow of natural sunlight? You can! Through window film installation.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window film will drastically cut down energy costs and ensure better privacy and security. Commercial window tinting is the answer to cosmetically and financially improving the look and operation of your commercial establishment. Want to see more how window film can save you money while improving the cosmetics of your business? Click now.

Automotive Window Tinting

Few things add to the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle better than automotive window tinting. Beyond that, it can drastically assist in keeping your vehicle cooler, while protecting your vehicles interior and virtually eliminating harmful UV rays. Let’s face it, few things look nicer than a properly tinted auto, but few things are more miserable than entering an unprotected vehicle during a hot Florida summer!

What Customers Say

We do what it takes to make you happy!

“This company is fantastic to work with. Shawn replied almost immediately to my original request and set up a consultation to fit my schedule. His quote was great, the work was excellent and every part of the process went seamlessly. He kept us informed on when they would arrive to do the work and they came exactly when they said they would. I would recommend Flagler Tint to anyone looking to improve their windows!”
Cheryl P.

“Shawn and his crew are very professional and proficient. Shawn came to my house the same day I called and gave me a reasonable quote to tint all the windows in my house. A few days later my house was done to perfection! I was also giving a 10% military discount in which; I saved a few hundred dollars. Thanks again Flagler Tint!”
Michael P.

“I worked in an office that was like an oven in the afternoon when the sun came through the window. After tinting the window, it was amazing how the AC was now able to keep the room to the temperature I liked it at. Highly recommend tint if the sun is roasting you inside!”
Lora F.

“We got our car tinted and the quality of the work & tint was impeccable! The customer service was fantastic! Shawn the owner is very kind, thorough and professional. We’d recommend Flagler Tint.”

Eduardo H.

“Shawn and his staff are very knowledgeable, professional, and they use a top quality film. Outstanding customer service! Worth every penny! I wouldn’t use anyone else. Highly recommend!”
Paul G.

“Professional window tinting performed on my truck. Perfect application process at a great price. Was done before promised complete time. Friendly staff.”

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