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Residential Window Tinting

Only the best parts of the sun...

Residential Window Tinting Palm Coast

Looking for the best residential window tinting near me Palm Coast?  You’ve found us.  Welcome to Flagler Tint! Sunlight is essential to survival, but there is a downside, from excessive heat, energy loss, glare and furnishing fading.

What if you could reduce or eliminate these effects while maintaining the warm glow of natural sunlight? You can! Through window film installation.

Flagler Tint proudly utilizes Huper Optik film in all of our residential installs. With a lifetime warranty on residential window film, know that you are protected for the life of your home.

Reduce Solar Heat Gain, Residential Window Tint

Energy Savings

As you pursue natural daylighting in your home, the daylight brings with it unwanted solar heat gain which then needs to be removed through air conditioning systems which are probably the largest energy user in your home.

Our window films reduce the unwanted infrared portions of the solar heat while allowing the desired natural daylight to stream through.


Note only does unwanted solar heat gain cost you money, it can make your favorite chair by the window uncomfortable to sit in during much of the day.

With Edge window films, you can enjoy the daylight and your favorite chair. If however, your favorite chair is in the family room and you need some glare reduction while you watch TV after work, we’ve got you covered.

Eliminate UV Rays

Skin Cancer

Not everyone wears sunscreen when they go out but almost nobody would consider wearing sunscreen indoors. However, consider that of two types of UV rays (UVA and UVB), UVB is nearly entirely absorbed by glass and doesn’t make it into your home. UVA on the other hand penetrates glass.

But how dangerous is UVA? Work done by the Clinical Interventions in Aging showed in graphic side-by-side fashion that people exposed to daily sun exposure through glass exhibited increased signs of aging and sun damage from UVA rays. Our window films block nearly 100% of all UVA and UVB rays.


Whether you live in Chicago or Phoenix, the suburbs or a loft, you know that rain or shine the sun’s damaging UV rays cause your furnishings to fade.

The questions are “What causes fading?” and “What can I do about it?” Although fading has several causes, Edge window films can help you by virtually eliminating UV rays, and dramatically reducing both heat and/or visible light. Don’t replace expensive furnishings due to fading, protect them with Edge window film.

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