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Sunlight can be a beautiful thing, but not for everything, such as the interior of your home. Too much sunlight coming through your home or business windows can easily damage your furniture, floors, and other areas. By window tinting, you can allow sunshine in while you reduce damage risk and regulate the interior temperatures. Window tinting decreases the glare that sunlight brings in, reduces the amount of heat from the sun, and protects the interior of your home or business. 

Window tinting can add a valuable layer of protection to your home or business’s interior while maintaining the natural appearance of your windows. These are five ways you can improve the livability of your home by tinting your windows. 

Window Tinting Provides a Level of Comfort to Your Home

The sun provides two types of heat. The heat comes from the visible light you see, the sunlight. It also puts off infrared light that you can feel. When you tint the windows in your home or business, it will allow for up to 60 percent of the heat from the sun being rejected. Window tinting also keeps out up to 97 percent of the infrared light. This rejected light from the sun will keep you comfortable in your home or business as it will keep the temperatures more consistent.  

Window Tinting Provides You Better Privacy

Having your windows tinted will give you more privacy inside your home or business. If you have close neighbors or have people walking past your windows, you will often appreciate this sense of privacy. 

Window Tinting Maintains Natural Views

You might think that if looking into a tinted window blocks your view, that tinted windows will block your view looking out. The truth about window tinting is that they maintain your natural views outside, while limiting the ability to see into your home or business. You will still be able to view your beautiful surroundings through these tints as you protect your home and business and control the light that builds the heat inside. 

Window Tinting Will Reduce Fading of Your Interior

When your home or business suffers from a continuous glare from the sun and UV rays, it will eventually fade your carpet, furniture, curtains, paints, and other items and areas of your interior. You can maintain the natural colors of these items by choosing either the low or highly-tinted window coverings. 

Window Tinting Adds Security and Strength

When you have your windows tinted in your home, you add a layer of protection that adds both strength and security to your home. The tinting film can help make your window shatter resistant. Shatter resistant glass can make your home and business safer should a flying object be thrown at your window, or in the event of a natural disaster. 

Exposure to sunlight causes many painted or colored materials to fade. The UV light from the sun is the primary cause for this damage, but it can also come from artificial lighting used indoors, and poor dye anchorage. UV and visible light can pass through your windows to cause extensive damage to merchandise, furnishings in your office, or items in your home. Window tinting can prevent this and maintain the quality of your home, office, or store furnishings. 

Flagler Tint focuses on window tinting with a goal to achieve customer satisfaction. With over thirty years of experience in the industry, you can trust the work provided by Flagler Tint. Work with us to protect your interior as we back all of our work and warranty our film for the life of your home!

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