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In homes, windows take up an area equal to 15 percent of floor space.

If you have a commercial property, you will often have a more significant percentage taken up by windows. Windows are an essential part of many buildings as they improve the view from and look of a structure.

Residential window tinting, like commercial window tinting, is often done by applying a UV film. This film goes over the glass of a window, and the window is then considered tinted. Tinting windows is something that is often seen in all kinds of windows, from home windows to skyscrapers and vehicles.

Residential Window Tinting

The way residential window tinting works is by reducing the amount of light that penetrates the window. This is true of any kind of window tinting and brings with it some surprising benefits. Here are eight ways that commercial and residential window tinting improves the value of your building.

1. Window Tinting Protects People

UV Radiation is emitted from the sun and is what is responsible for skin burns and the increased cancer risk that goes along with it. Window tinting blocks out a high percentage of UV radiation, which serves to protect those inside the building.

This protection helps to prevent the potential for skin cancer from occurring. Regular windows do not block UV radiation to any large degree. This is a substantial improvement in the function and value of the windows in your building.

2. Tinted Windows Look Good

When a window is tinted, it becomes darker. This darkening of the windows makes many buildings look better and provides a nice contrast to the bright exterior. This improvement to the appearance of a building comes with an associated cost that improves the property value.

You can ask more for a building with tinted windows. This is not just due to the cost of installing tinted windows, but also to the amazing benefits that tinted windows offer. Tinted windows aren’t just for looks, but the fact they look so nice doesn’t hurt.

3. Window Tinting Protects Furniture 

The same cause of skin cancer in humans, UV radiation, also causes degradation in furniture. If exposed to direct sunlight, upholstery will fade, and leather can even crack. By having your windows tinted, you will protect the furniture in your home or business from this relentless degradation.

The carpet will also be impacted by constant sunlight, and having tinted windows can prolong the life of your carpet. The interior of a home or building can have a great deal to do with the final price. Protecting what is inside, especially carpets, walls, and furniture can increase the value of the building.

4. Modern Life Revolves Around Screens

If you have ever tried to use a computer or watch television when there is a bad glare on the screen you know it is near impossible. For residential purposes, this means that you won’t be able to play on the computer or watch television on a sunny day.

For commercial buildings, this can lead to an increase in errors and loss of productivity. If people can’t see their computer screen, they aren’t going to get much work done. Preventing this loss will improve the value of a business and the comfort of a residence.

5. Energy Bills

Energy bills make up a large portion of our utility costs. Residential window tinting, and commercial, can improve the value of a building by lowering the cost to live or operate it. Sunlight will heat up the air inside a building, preventing this makes it easier to keep cool.

Since windows are tinted with film, it proves another layer of protection on the window itself. Window tinting decreases the amount of energy that is transferred through the window. This results in an upgrade that can be seen with the eye and the wallet.

6. Window Tint Improves Security

When a window is tinted, it becomes less easy to see in. The darkness of the window helps to protect what is inside the building because it can’t be seen as easily from outside. This prevents burglars from targeting expensive equipment and furnishings.

It is also true that having tinted windows makes the place seem more formidable. When you can’t see what is happening inside, fewer people will want to risk a break-in. Anything you can do to increase the security of a building will enhance the value of that building.

7. Tinted Windows Hold Together Better

In the case that your window is broken, having it tinted can reduce the damage. This is because the film will help hold the window together. With fewer pieces flying from the break, there is less mess and less danger posed by the window breaking.

8. Tinted Windows Could Save You Replacement Costs

In order to have good energy efficiency, you have two options. You can spend piles of cash for each new window you purchase, or you can have your windows tinted. Tinting will add the extra energy efficiency you are looking for without costing you an arm and a leg.

Tinted Windows For Anything

Tinted windows aren’t just for houses and business buildings. Any structure, vehicle or even boat can be improved by applying tinted windows. With the wide selection of tinting types and the associated benefits out there, it’s best to speak to a window tinting professional about your needs.

Protect And Improve The Value Of Your Building

By putting residential window tinting on your house, you gain access to a wide range of benefits. From saving money on energy bills to the incredible benefits of blocking UV radiation. Commercial window tint has the same benefits, improving the value of the building while protecting what is inside.

If you are wanting to get your windows tinted, no matter where they are or what kind of windows they are, we can help you. Contact Flagler Tint to get access to amazing window tinting products that will save your furniture and skin while bringing up the value and look of your building or home.

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