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The importance of choosing the best window tint Palm Coast

If you’re looking for the best window tint Palm Coast, look no further!

Flagler Window Tint offers the highest quality window tint near me, with services in the Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach & Bunnell areas.

Our auto window tinting is made from carbon & ceramic materials, and can be clear or darkened. We utilize only ultra-premium German manufactured Window films with incredible amounts of protection! Once installed our film can reduce glare, block 99% of UV rays, and keep the interior of your vehicle cooler with second to none, IR rejection. Most people don’t know that your auto glass already blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV-A rays, but does nothing for UV-B. That’s where window tinting comes in.

Window film tinting is essential in offering this additional protection in conjunction with your untreated windows! Professional window tint blocks and eliminates 99% of all UB-B rays, which assists in protecting your cars valuable interior, but more importantly, your skin! It really is the best of all worlds!

When choosing reputable window tinting in Palm Coast, consider:

You want to make sure you’re getting the best quality possible. There is absolutely a difference between cheap and quality window films.

When considering window film, know that all window tinting companies are created equal, and there are a few things you should look for when choosing a reputable one. I always like to say that window tinting is like the difference in an aspirin and a narcotic, you truly get what you pay for! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make sure the window tinting provider has a good reputation.

  • You can check online reviews to get an idea of what others have thought of their experience. Flagler Window Tint has taken deep pride in our reputation online and encourage you to follow our reviews here.
  • Make sure the window film provider uses high-quality materials. This is important because it will affect how well the window film protects and lasts. Often mentioned in the companies reviews will be mention of the quality or lack of, the company chooses to use.

There are no shortage of vehicles rolling around Palm Coast, Flagler Beach and Ormond Beach, with terrible looking purple window tints that are peeling and bubbling. Ultra-Premium films are not only guaranteed for life, but also completely color stable, meaning there will be no browns, yellows or purples.

  • Make sure the team you are using is utilizing both a quality brand of film, while at the same time staffing with factory certified installers, while maintaining proper services, licensing, insurance and qualifications!

When it comes to car window tinting or tints, one of the most important things to consider is the quality of UV protection it offers:

Did you know that UVA and UVB rays are harmful to your skin? long-term damage can occur if you’re exposed to them on a regular basis.

Car window tints with 99% UV benefits protect skin while protecting your vehicle interior. UV is not the heat you “feel,” but instead the damaging rays that encourage aging and skin cancer!

IR Rejection (Infra Red) is essential to keeping your car windows and interior cool in the Florida summer:

Professional Window tinting not only blocks out the sun’s harmful UV rays, but also its infrared rays. IR, or infra red is the “sting” felt when the sun hits your skin. Did you know that our quality films block up to 93% of all IR? Really, a whopping 93%!

This can keep your vehicles cooler in the summer and help reduce your reliance on air conditioning, which can save you money on fuel costs. When it comes to the Florida summer, you can imagine these are all great reasons to get your car tints done today.

IR is the “heat” you “feel” produced by the sun, that sting that immediately burns on contact. Unlike UV, which is unnoticeable until its too late, you can feel infrared as its happening. This is the same sting that bakes your skin and dries out your eyes.

Window tint with IR protection can reject up to 93% of the infrared heat that comes through your windows, making a car tinted cooler and more comfortable in the summer.

Window film also provides privacy and security:

Quality Window film can make it more difficult for people to see inside your car, giving you a greater sense of privacy. This can be especially useful if you have valuables in your car that you don’t want others to see.

In addition, window film can also help deter break-ins and theft. If would-be thieves can’t see what’s inside your car, they may be less likely to target it.

Flagler Window Tint offers the best window tinting services in the Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach & Bunnell location.

Flagler tint utilizes high-quality materials and our window tint is backed by a lifetime, nationwide  warranty. There’s no reason not to protect your windows today with premium window films.

Our team of expert installers are pros at window tint installations and vehicle care, passionate about completing an excellent job each and every time.

Automotive Window Tinting Near Me Conclusion:

If you’re looking for window tinting in Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach or Bunnell, choose a reputable company! You get what you pay for, choose Flagler Window Tint. Check their reviews and check their quality. Whether you seek commercial window tinting, residential tinting or your car tinted, we have you covered.

We utilize only, ultra-premium German manufactured window tint with a full lifetime warranty! So when seeking the best car window tint near me, there is only one true option, Flagler Window Tint! Our reviews say it best!

Palm Coast’s industry leader in automotive, residential and commercial window tinting. Call today to schedule your appointment. With appointment availability Monday through Saturday,

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